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 Life is growthIf we stop growingtechnically and spirituallywe are as good as dead. -Morihei Ueshiba


The players on the team. No matter if they play offense, defense or special teams, they win and lose together. A unified vision and purpose. Winning here looks like stronger marriages, engaged fathers, amazing relationships with our kids and more, all within the focus of service and brotherhood.


Best represents the offensive, defensive and special teams coordinator combined. Working with the team captains, helping your men be in the best spot to move forward, coming up with the game plans and assessing potential speed bumps along the way. Help players own their role in the change and own their performance during the game, all in an effort to keep pushing down the field! An amazing mentor is connecting with value and intention on the check-in calls and excited to engage and maximize the importance of the quarterly mastermind calls. MENtors also get a VIP invite to REYL Retreats.


Think, act and show up like a head coach. Inspire the progression of men from a starting player to a Team Captain and beyond, being a Leader who develops Leaders. As an ambassador for REYL you are helping to protect the mission and vision of the movement and align with the right people and recruit them to the team. Leaders help in the development and execution of the incredible REYL retreats, working to create lasting impacts for the men who attend. A REYL leader has achieved expert level success in at least 3 of the 5 peaks, and are owning their path!

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The REYL Vision: A world of powerful, loving and successful men, changing how we define brotherhood to attain our highest potential.


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