The Statistics:

  • 1 In 4 girls will be sexually abused before age 18
  • 1 In 5 women will have experienced attempted or completed rape
  • 1 In 3 women will experience domestic abuse

In addition to our own traumas, many of us our dealing with the lingering genetic and psychological effects from trauma experienced from generations past. 

This eBook is recordings taught by real women sharing their experiences and knowledge. We will discuss the physical, mental, and spiritual tools we have used on our path to healing.

A big part of this eBook will be focused on forgiveness and the healing powers of the Atonement.

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Trauma Is Passed Down Genetically Through Generations

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"Forgiveness is the antidote that cures those wounds caused by poison; without forgiveness it is impossible to attain the cure. The Savior and His Atonement are the only way to learn how to forgive; there is no other way to forgive in difficult situations. The Atonement is the antidote that can heal and close any wound, even the most difficult ones for which there seems to be no remedy. The power of the Atonement is not spontaneous; sometimes it is difficult to apply and it requires a lot of effort, but it is available to everyone who wants it."

-Saulo G. Franco
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Your Instructors 

Lauren Busch

Lauren started her healthcare career, serving patients as a MICU Nurse and served as part of the emergency transport team for her hospital. She left working in the hospital and now runs an international wellness business with her husband. She has launched dozens of online courses, empowering individuals and families world wide. Lauren is the mother of 9 amazing kids and an author.

Angela Villa

Angela Villa is a Blue Diamond with Doterra. She is the creator of "Emotional Weight Loss: Loving Yourself Lean". Angela has spent the last six years understanding how emotions affect the entire body. She was able to take that knowledge and focus it on weight-loss. Angela loves teaching people to embrace what their body can do and all the good things that their body already is. You cannot change what you hate, we must learn to love ourselves first.

Sharla Snow

As a Master Practitioner of NLP, Sharla helps people break free from their unconscious patterns, habits, and behaviors that are preventing them from achieving their wildest dreams. The secret to achievement, in any areas of life, is realizing the mind is the instrument by which we create, and training the unconscious to assist us in actualizing the success we envision.

Jolene Ehlers

Jolene's husband confessed he’d been secretly addicted to pornography since the begining of their marriage. She felt like her whole world had imploded and she felt completely alone. So, she became a certified life coach and feels a great responsibility and passion for finding the women who are alone and silent. She is on a mission to go find the girl she used to be and teach her everything she knows. It is her privilege to help some of the most vulnerable women and help them find hope and confidence.

Makay Tautu

Makay is a Certified Master Practitioner in Synergistic Healing. The energy you carry can create balance and harmony, or chaos and destruction in your life.  Emotional  healing  creates synergy by aligning our body, mind and SOUL. Makay believes that emotional healing can benefit  everyone.Together you can energetically and generationally clear space so you can finally move forward! 

Desiree Mangandog

Desiree Mangandog is an expert in emotional healing through the lens of Chinese Medicine and essential oils. She is an Acupuncturist, Herbalist, author, and speaker. Her focus is on releasing past traumatic events and resolving emotional blocks to allow a person to fully be present and design a new life for themselves. 

Alisha Bradley

Alisha has Master's degree in Clinical Psychology with a Counseling Specialization, Concentration in Supervision and Leadership in Community Mental Health​, plus a Bachelor's degree in Education. She is also a Certified Life Coach, QMHP (Qualified Mental Health Professional), Certified Domestic Violence Counselor/Advocate, Certified Image Consultant

Amber Ottesen

Amber is a mom of 3 amazing kids and was introduced to energy work after many years of attending traditional therapy to heal from the trauma she experienced growing up in an abusive household. In a few short energy work sessions, Amber was able to find the healing she had been hoping for for years and found that she was also blessed with the beautiful gift of helping others. 

Regina Hess

Regina Hess is Founder and Owner of Skills for Life Company. She was a river guide on the Colorado river seven-plus years, where she found my niche in kayaking and instructing. I have taught Kayaking, Canoeing, CPR, Wildnerness First Aid, and Wilderness First Responder. She was a single mother for many years, and had to have a few jobs to make ends meet, but with all the challenges and struggles, I always made time for my healthy outlet, the outdoors! She is also a certified Yoga instructor.

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