We don't have to all figure everything out on our own. We can learn from and support each other. Join us for this week long event devoted to all things motherhood. We will have moms sharing some of their experiences and best tips to help you feel less alone and more empowered in motherhood. 

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  • Learn how to reduce the toxic load in your home
  • Create a better relationship with your family doctor and feel empowered in making health decisions for your family
  • Create Healthy Self Care Habits that fit in a mom's schedule
  • How to help your kids handle their emotions
  • Support tips for postpartum health
  • Scaling & Creating Balance as a Mompreneur
  • Webinars Taught by World Class Educators
  • Healing and Restoring Your body After Baby
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As moms we are in it together, raising the future. We are a tribe of future makers, so let's support each other. - Marissa Hermer


Let's Do This Together


Motherhood is a journey we take with each of our children. 

Your Instructors 

Lauren Busch

Lauren started her healthcare career, serving patients as a MICU Nurse and served as part of the emergency transport team for her hospital. She left working in the hospital and now runs an international wellness business with her husband. She has launched 6 online courses, empowering individuals and families world wide. Lauren is the mother of 9 amazing kids and an author.

Jolene Ehlers

Jolene is a certified life coach specializing in coaching women who have a spouse addicted to pornography. She began her journey into coaching after working through her own husband's secret pornography addiction and is now dedicated to helping those women who are in a similar situation. She hosts a weekly podcast called "The Porn Addict's Wife" and has created an online program specifically for her clients to help them overcome their husband's pornography addiction-even if he doesn't. She has 5 incredible kids and is still happily married to her husband.

Emily Beattie

Emily is a NASM certified personal trainer with a degree in Exercise Science who has a passion for health and wellness. She is the owner of Balanced By Emily, LLC where she works with clients to help improve their quality of life through fitness and focusing on lifestyle changes. She also works full time at an OBGYNs office all while raising two sweet little girls along side of her husband.

Megan Lloyd

Megan, The Business Matchmaker, is the CEO of an international company that is now serves 5 continents. She helps match business owners to the tools and people they need to support their businesses. She is passionate about coaching, teaching, training, and creating programs that help business owners serve their audiences authentically. As a former Virtual Assistant, she also finds, trains, and matches VA's (and other service providers) with those who are ready to hire. She is the mother of 3 beautiful children (ages 3, 6, and 9) and her family is the fuel for her life and business.

Serena Ryan

Serena Ryan is the founder of The Confident Homeschooler. Her own homeschooling journey inspired her to start a company centered around mindset work and encouragement for other parents. Let's face it...homeschooling is no walk in the park. The beautiful moments definitely outweigh the trying ones. She is passionate about every homeschooling parent feeling so confident that they are 'enough'.  She believes that with the right resources, a strong supportive community, and some personal development mixed in... "Confident Homeschoolers" are born!

Jeanne McMurry

Jeanne McMurry is like all women out there who wear many hats!!!  She is a GOD fearing, loving person who is a single mom, Keto Coach, EO coach, Mix┼îlogist, AromaTouch trainer, CEU & SPA trainer, Diamond in doterra... she is considered the “Spa Guru”...she has been in the spa industry 27 years and has created a 100% Pure Luxury Spa line called KONA KISS®. Her whole life she has been a people pleaser, serving and pampering others and has now created a “Self-Love” Challenge learning how to LOVE & PAMPER YOURSELF physically, emotionally and spiritually. "I am learning how to love me and teach others how to love themselves the way GOD loves us...UNCONDITIONALLY!!!

Melissa Moulder

Melissa Moulder is a Mom, Massage Therapist & Esthetician. She has been in the wellness industry for 20 years. She now owns her own successful practice. She loves caring for her clients and bringing some relaxation to their life.

Amber Singer

Amber Singer is a hard working, dedicated wife, mom, daughter, sister, auntie, oiler, and restaurant manager. She was the youngest General Manager for Outback Steakhouse when promoted at 23 years old in 2014. She was very successful and was training for a Proprietary position when God blessed the family with their oldest daugher. Amber stepped down, and since that time, works part time in the restaurant. She is now an entreprenur trying to grow her doTerra business, and is also devoted to her husband, 5 year old daughter and twin (boy and girl) two year olds! On this journey called life, God guides her steps day by day and moment by moment.

Shasta Brown

Shasta has a Bachelors degree in Health Science, is a mom to 4, all NICU babies, has food allergies and loves to travel, take pictures of nature, loves to cook, and does zumba with her oldest as often as she can. She currently lives in Missouri with her husband, kids, and dog.

Jackie Imbrogno

Jackie began her journey with doTERRA essential oils in April of 2014. With a history of both epilepsy and generalized anxiety, she was searching for a more holistic approach to wellness - and doTERRA fell right in line. Now, over seven years later, she is blessed to be using and teaching about the benefits of natural solutions with people all across the globe. A Speech-Language Pathologist by trade, serving others runs deep in her blood. This mission of bringing hope and healing to the world has since become her life's work. She currently lives outside of Philadelphia in a small New Jersey suburb with her husband/twin flame, her 3 year old daughter, + a baby boy on the way. In her (little but sacred) spare time, she enjoys learning, creating, live music, organic food, and traveling the world.

Cassa Fox

Cassa is a mother to 3, married for 13 years, private voice and piano teacher, and essential oil educator. She has a Bachelor degree in Music and is very active in music in her community and church. She is the Vice President of Operations for the Western Colorado Chorale and assistant Director to the biennial Hymn Festival in Grand Junction. She is passionate about teaching and on helping others identify their own personal worth.

Katie Castiglione

Kate Castiglione is a mother of two, product manager by trade, mental health advocate, and lover of essential oils. Everyday, she strives to support working professionals and parents to put their mental health first with healthy, lifestyle habits. Her wellness journey is about learning to SIMPLIFY, focusing her attention on the "flotsem and jetsem" of our everyday lives and replace with simple ingredients that will be far better for us. Having essential oils in our arsenal is one of the ways she believes we can support our bodies. Plants are incredible protectors, defenders and promoters of health.

Cindy Price

Cindy Price is a life coach, wellness advocate, mother and wife whose autobiography would be titled "Great Hair with a Side of Depression." CIndy has developed a passion for helping others start with what is right about them, and from that platform solve for what they think isn't so great. The beauty of Cindy's process is recognizing that those "Not so greats" are the essential keys to developing their power and in reality, are gifts to be celebrated.

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