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REYL Online Community

Men need men to talk to. It's that simple.

Healthy connections and the opportunity to grow through accountability and in a safe space, is the reason REYL was created. Start your REYL journey here with our online community and walk the path with other amazing men who have gone through challenges in life and are still showing up. Our diverse group of men is full white collar, blue collar, entrepreneurs, soloprenuers, creative geniuses, life and health coaches, fitness trainers, current and retired police officers, young fathers, empty nesters and more. 

What you'll get:

  • Understand the REYL framework and key terms to help your personal development journey
  • Grow in our 3 A's (Awareness, Accountability and Action) it's how we do everything
  • Connection to REYL MENtors who guide the discussions in our circles
  • Challenges (often with prizes) to help you dig deeper on your growth journey
  • Early bird booking for REYL Men Retreats
  • Stay connected online with your Roundtable brothers
  • Stay linked with your REYL Retreat brothers
  • Work through your "REYL Life Check In" this is our proprietary life assessment to help determine which of the 5 peaks you start working on first also called your Priority Peak
  • Mobile App
  • Men Only Community

* Mental health is something we take very seriously. If you are in an emergency situation or need immediate support or are considering suicide please call the suicide hotline at: "988" to connect to the nationwide suicide and crisis lifeline. 

* This community is a personal development community for biological men only.

What People Are Saying About REYL:

After retiring from the police force with an almost 25 year career, I was looking for my people, my team, to continue to help me grow, lift me up when I needed it and to know I was there for them. I found that in REYL, this online community and the retreat are all an amazing part of my life and I am grateful for the men who started it. John, Ky, Justin, Jon and Keith are my brothers for life. And I look forward to getting to know many of you!

Todd N

These are my brothers, I love the connection in this community and the tools to help me keep growing. I appreciate the space to show up and share my gifts and am excited for other men to continue to show up and contribute to the community with their talents.

Jon C