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In addition to our own traumas, many of us our dealing with the lingering genetic and psychological effects from trauma experienced from generations past. 

This eBook  contains the recordings taught by real women sharing their experiences and knowledge. We will discuss the physical, mental, and spiritual tools we have used on our path to healing.

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It’s Time To Love Your

Marriage Again

With a go at your own pace course and group support, you've found a safe place to dig deep and nurture your relationship with your spouse!



Sync Up With Your Soulmate!

John and Lauren will coach you through creating a deeper connection to your spouse during the journey of marriage, addressing physical and emotional struggles that cause issues in the bedroom, and more!

  • An amazing online course "The Soulmate Sync Up"
  • Deep and open discussions on marriage and the root causes of  intimacy issues.
  • Bonus course, "For The Love", taught by several phenomenal presenters and coaches on healing your past, your present, and your future, when it comes to your relationship with your spouse. 
  • A supportive online community of thousands who are also working toward healing their marriage
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Most would describe motherhood as an intense yet rewarding experience, but at times it can be overwhelming. You may be feeling like you have poured your whole soul into raising your little humans and feeling like you are losing yourself along the way.

If the guilt of feeling like you are doing it all and giving your best in motherhood and it is just not enough is weighing you down, momma you are NOT ALONE!

Start "Ditch the Mom Guilt" where Lauren will walk you through her top strategies to reduce the chaos in the home, recruit your family to help, and fall in love with motherhood again.


As moms we are in it together, raising the future. We are a tribe of future makers, so let's support each other. - Marissa Hermer


You will also get access to "Moms In The Village", an amazing collection of videos and resources from moms sharing their top tips and resources for anything motherhood can throw your way!


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:

Healing The Hollowed Heart



  • Over 10 hours of amazing video content shared by world class instructors
  • Deep dive into the power and freedom of forgiving others
  • Learn how to forgive your self and open your heart again
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Soulmate Sync Up


2 Online Course & Community

  • Learn about contributing factors of low libido
  • Learn how emotional trauma creates disconnect
  • We will share tips and resources to support you and your spouse in healing and reconnecting. 
  • Access to online community
  • Downloadable workbook
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Ditch The Mom Guilt


2 Online courses

  • Immediate access to all 8 modules on resolving mom guilt
  • Downloadable resources & workbook
  • With over 23 hours of bonus content shared by amazing women in "Moms in the Village"
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Access to All 6


Best deal!

  • Healing the Hollowed Heart
  • Soulmate Sync Up Course and Community
  • For the Love
  • Ditch the Mom Guilt
  • Moms in the Village
  • Plus all resources and workbooks for each course
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